Mortgage Deals For Teachers

Everything you need to know about getting Mortgage Deals for Teachers.

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Are There Any Mortgage Deals For Teachers?

Yes there are. However, they may not always be the best answer to your mortgage needs. When you are looking for a mortgage many things factor in. Such as your income, deposit, credit history, and mainly your situation.

This all means that saying that a Teacher mortgage is the best option just because you are a Teacher is too generalised.

The best thing to do is to go see a specialist mortgage advisor with access to thousands of products and services. This will therefore allow them to find the right deal for you.

What Sort Of Mortgage Discounts For Teachers Are There?

There aren’t really mortgage discounts for Teachers. You may be able to get a better rate with a mortgage specifically for a Teacher depending on your situation. However often there will be another lender that will be a better fit for you.

Can You Get Mortgage Deals For Teachers With Bad Credit?

Yes! There are products and Lenders that specifically work with people with Bad Credit. For Defaults and CCJs as long as it is over 6 months old you may have options.

Even missed payments in the last 12 months may be considered. With bad credit it will largely depend on when, how, what. When did the bad credit happen? How much was it for? and What was it for?

If you have bad credit and are considering deals for Teachers your first step should be to check your credit report. For this we recommend Checkmyfile as they will show you your credit report with the three largest credit referencing agencies. Once you have your credit report you can speak to your Bank or a specialist mortgage advisor.

Are There Mortgage Deals For Supply Teachers?

Absolutely! There are specialist lenders and products for Mortgage deals for Supply Teachers as well. If you are a supply teacher you will likely need more income evidence as you will be on very short term contracts usually.

Mortgage Deals For Retired Teachers?

Retired teachers can also access some of the special deals for Teachers. If you are retired you likely have a pension income. Pension income is often an accepted type of income with lenders as it is quite regular in how much you get.

Also your job security is pretty spectacular, we’ve never heard of anyone being sacked from retirement! Depending on your age you may need a specialist lender, so best to speak to a specialist mortgage advisor that can work out which mortgage deals for Teachers are best for you.

Are There Mortgage Discounts For Teachers That Are First Time Buyers?

Not really mortgage discounts for Teachers that are first time buyers. However there are deals for Teachers that are First time buyers. The deals for Teachers can also be accessed by First Time Buyers.

There are also often products specifically for First Time Buyers. You also get Mortgage schemes specifically for First Time Buyers such as Help to Buy and First Homes.

Can You Get Mortgage Deals For Teachers That Are Newly Qualified?

Yes you can get deals for Teachers that are Newly qualified. Lenders such as Teachers Building society should consider newly qualified Teachers even though they are usually on a short term contract. Much like other Teachers there aren’t really any Mortgage discounts for Teachers if you are Newly qualified.

Which Lenders Do Mortgage Deals For Teachers?

Lots of lenders have Mortgage deals for Teachers. The biggest one would definitely be Teachers Building Society. However you also have the likes of Scottish Widows, Kensington & more that have specialist products for Teachers.

There are also lenders like the West Brom and Accord that offer criteria that are favourable for certain types of Teachers. The problem is which one is right for you? More importantly are specialist mortgage deals for Teachers the best solution for you. Quite often another product or Lender may offer a more suitable mortgage for you.

Are There Mortgage Discounts For Trainee Teachers?

As with every other Teacher there aren’t really mortgage discounts for trainee Teachers. However there are mortgage deals for Teachers that would suit a Trainee Teacher. When you are training you will possibly be receiving a bursary income which most lenders won’t take.

However, some lenders will take bursary income on the basis that you will get a job at the end of studying. You may have more options if you have a job lined up but haven’t started yet.

Can Teaching Assistants Get Mortgage Deals For Teachers?

Absolutely! Teaching assistants also have access to mortgage deals for Teachers with some Lenders. As a Teaching assistant you are key to the education of the nation. Therefore you can access some of the mortgage deals for Teachers that are available.

However, they may not always be the best solution for you, as there are thousands of mortgage products available in the market. Quite often there is another solution that is more competitive for you. If you’re considering a mortgage a specialist mortgage advisor can help you find the best product for your situation.

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