Teachers Building Society Mortgage

The definitive guide to a Teachers Building Society Mortgage.

Teachers Building Society Mortgage

Background on Teachers Building Society Mortgage Lender

Teachers Building Society was founded in 1966 and has offered Teacher Mortgages ever since. Teachers BS was founded by the NUT in 1966 to help Teachers get on the property ladder.

Based in the South West they help people across the country get mortgages, not just Teachers but many others as well.

Do I Need A Teachers Building Society Mortgage?

Possibly. They may have Teachers in the name but it doesn’t automatically make them the right answer. However unlike some lenders they have a lot of criteria directly aimed at helping Teachers to get their mortgages. With this all in mind you should consider your options carefully, they may be perfect for some specialist cases but other lenders also have products for Teachers and may offer a better option in some situations.

Can I Get A Teachers Building Society Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Potentially. Teachers Building Society will allow for some minor credit issues. However if you have a more severe credit problem you may be better off looking at a specialist Bad credit Lender.

How Safe Is A Teachers Building Society Mortgage?

We don’t get asked this question very often, but as far as we are concerned they are as safe as any lender. They are a bit smaller probably than lots of high street lenders.

However, they are a very niche lender, specialising in Teachers. Like us, they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This gives you greater protection as well.

Newly Qualified Teachers And Teachers BS

They can offer mortgage options before you have even started your first job. Which is incredible as that first job is usually on a limited contract and most lenders will take a dim view. This is really one of the areas that they excel, however there are other options for this kind of case and you should consider them all.

Teachers Building Society Mortgage For The Retired

If you are retired you can usually get a Teachers Building Society Mortgage. When you are retired you have a few different options for Teacher mortgages. However you should consider Teachers BS. As always speak to a professional to get a better idea.

Teachers Building Society Mortgage For Supply Teachers

Supply Teachers can get a Teachers Building Society Mortgage. Generally Teachers BS require 2 terms of Supply Teacher income to assess you. This is less than many lenders who tend to need at least 12 months. If you do have less than 12 months Supply Teacher history you should speak to a Qualified Advisor to discuss your options.

Teachers Building Society Mortgage For First Time Buyers

Teachers Building Society have mortgages for First Time Buyers for Teachers. They usually mean a smaller deposit can be used compared to what they allow to other applicants.

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