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Albion Forest Mortgages – Specialist Mortgage Broker Southampton

Albion Forest Mortgages is a leading Mortgage Broker in Southampton, Hampshire

Albion Forest Mortgages is a family run Mortgage Broker based in Southampton, Hampshire and with years of experience in the financial services we can help you get the mortgage you need with the right lender to fit your situation. All our advice is personal for you, meaning you get the right solution, every time! We’re making mortgages as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Speak to an advisor and we’ll give you expert advice to suit your needs.
  2. Apply for your mortgage – Your personal expert Mortgage Advisor will complete your mortgage application.
  3. Secure your mortgage and more importantly, your home!

Is it smart to use a mortgage advisor in Southampton?

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make, so it’s important to get it right. A few reasons to use a mortgage broker like us:

  • We’ll check your finances to make sure you can afford a suitable mortgage.
  • We have exclusive deals with lenders, not otherwise available.
  • We complete the paperwork for you, so your application should be dealt with faster
  • We’ll help you take all the costs and features of the mortgage into account, beyond the interest rate.
  • We only recommend a mortgage that is suitable for you and will tell you which ones you’re likely to get.

Is it better to get mortgage from bank or a Mortgage broker in Southampton?

A bank will generally only have access to a handful of products from themselves but a mortgage broker would usually have access to thousands of products from dozens of lenders. The main advantage of using a mortgage broker in Southampton, Hampshire is that they will package your mortgage correctly as well as finding the best mortgage for your situation. Comparing lenders from across the market to get the right mortgage for you.

What types of mortgages do you arrange?

At Albion Forest mortgages we arrange purchase, remortgages, first time buyers and Buy to let mortgages. We can also help with Commercial loans, Equity Release and Bridging loans. A lot of our clients are Key Workers, but we help everyone that needs it.

How does the mortgage process work?

Most of our clients speak to us over the phone, and once we get to know you and you situation, we’ll recommend a solution. Once you are happy we submit a mortgage in principle and then a full application. After this we keep you updated all the way through the process with how your mortgage is progressing.

Help for First Time Buyers in Southampton, Hampshire

At Albion Forest we love helping first time buyers getting on to the property ladder. As a First time buyer in Southampton, Hampshire you are likely looking for a higher Loan to value mortgage with a smaller deposit, we can help find the right mortgage for you. We are also experts in the Shared Ownership scheme and Help to Buy scheme. The Shared ownership scheme helps first time buyers with a lower income or deposit get on the property ladder.

The scheme essentially loans you 20% of the purchase price of the property, interest free for 5 years, with you contributing a 5% deposit with a maximum purchase price is £600,000. The government has confirmed it will extend the help to buy scheme until 2023, but restrict the scheme to first time buyers.

In and around Southampton and Hampshire your local help to buy scheme can be found here:

Remortgaging Your House with a Mortgage Broker in Southampton?

If you are remortgaging it is probably due to one of two reasons:

  • Firstly your rate is coming to an end and you want a new one or
  • Secondly you would like to release equity from your property

When you come to the end of your product period you will usually go on to the lenders standard variable rate (SVR) which is often a lot higher than the rate during your product period. As a result most of our clients want a new product at the end of their current one.

Releasing equity from your property has a lot of things to consider. Albion Forest – Mortgage broker Southampton & Hampshire are specialists in remortgaging, we will go through all the costs of the new mortgage and recommend the best product for your needs.

Southampton Buy to Let (BTL) Properties

Southampton & Hampshire in general offers a large amount of Rental opportunities, Firstly you have the Hospitals having professionals needing housing. There is also the large University with Students from across the country, even across the world needing housing.

As a Mortgage Broker in Southampton, Hampshire we specialise in these, whether its student accommodation or family housing we can help get the right Buy to let mortgage for you in Southampton.

I’m self employed, can I get a mortgage in Southampton?

Although it can be more complicated, it’s best to speak to a broker sooner rather than later in your process. Being Self Employed you’ll have complicated income, especially as a Company Director in Hampshire finding the right lender can be quite complicated.

I have bad credit, can I use a mortgage broker in Southampton?

Quite possibly, depending on what bad credit you have, and how recent we can certainly help with getting you a mortgage. We may ask for a copy of your credit report to help with this. When you’re getting a credit report we recommend Checkmyfile as they show the 3 largest credit referencing agencies. We have a whole article on this here.

Do you charge a fee?

We usually charge some sort of fee, but not always, it depends on the client and what they want to do. Get in touch and we will tell you up front how much we will charge.

Do you help people with mortgages outside of Southampton?

Absolutely! We help people up and down the country as it can all be done over the phone/email. With modern technology we can help you arrange your entire mortgage remotely without you needing to visit the office.

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