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Albion Forest – Specialist Mortgage Broker for Teachers

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What makes using a specialist Mortgage Broker for Teachers so useful?

There are a few reasons to use a specialist Mortgage Broker for Teachers.

  • Speed – Having your case packaged correctly and with the right lender can save you time.
  • Specialist Lenders – Access to lenders not available directly, and exclusive products.
  • Knowledge – We work with Teachers day in and day out so we have probably seen your dilemma before, and know how to solve it!

Not only do we take the stress out of getting your mortgage, we also waive our broker fees for Teachers.

How much does a Mortgage Broker for Teachers charge?

At Albion Forest Mortgages we waive our broker fees for Teachers. This means not only do you get our specialist advice, but you don’t have to pay our usual fees.

Whilst we are not usually a broker fee free mortgage advisor, we are when it comes to Teachers!

Who counts as a Teacher for a specialist mortgage broker for teachers?

There are a few different people who can benefit from a specialist mortgage broker for teachers. Here are the main ones:

How long will an appointment with a mortgage broker for teachers take?

We know Teachers lives are busy. Our advisors tend to take between 15-30 minutes of your time for an initial appointment. This will be made up of:

  • Discussing your needs.
  • Explaining the mortgage process.
  • Gathering the information we need to make a recommendation.

We speak to Teachers all day long, so we know you have very little spare time throughout the day. That is why we keep our appointments short, and we often have evening appointments available.

What common problems do Teachers face when getting a mortgage?

Everyone could use a little help. However, we tend to find there are three main areas that Teachers almost always need help with.

  • Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Supply Teachers
  • Trainee/Student Teachers

Newly Qualified Teachers

NQT’s usually struggle when it comes to a mortgage. This is due to the fixed term contracts and the high drop out rates of Newly Qualified Teachers. However, there are options. Some lenders are absolutely fine with NQT’s.

Supply Teachers

Supply can be tough, it depends on two things usually. How long  have you been a Teacher and How long you have been a Supply Teacher. If you have been a Teacher over two years you likely have options. If you haven’t been a Teacher over two years you may still have options but you’ll need a few terms of income evidence.

Trainee/Student Teachers

This could be a tough one, however some lenders will consider you whilst you train. If you receive a Bursary income, as most trainee teachers do. Or if you have got your offer for your NQT year but haven’t started yet, you have options.

Got a question we haven’t answered? Maybe we do on our main Teacher page or Newly Qualified Teacher page.