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NHS Mortgage

NHS Mortgage

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Mortgages For NHS Staff

Are there specific mortgages for NHS Staff? Unfortunately most of the Key Worker mortgages are no longer available. However there are some fantastic mortgage products for professionals, and the occasional deal for Key Workers. You also have the First Homes scheme for NHS Staff, which is a newly announced scheme for First Time Buyers and Key Workers. It’s not been released yet, but when it does it should be perfect for Mortgages for NHS Staff.

Who can Get an NHS Mortgage?

In order to be eligible for mortgages for the NHS, you will need to work for the NHS. Usually in one of these areas:

  • An NHS Trust
  • GP Surgery
  • NHS Dental Surgery

There may be other areas, like care work. Generally if you are employed by the NHS you should fit.

What Is An NHS Mortgage?

What is an NHS Mortgage? Well, it can be a few things. Any mortgage arranged by a specialist NHS Mortgage broker will be an NHS Mortgage. However there are some definite options with lenders that could be considered an NHS mortgage. An NHS mortgage can be a bit complicated. Often NHS staff will have a complicated payslip with many different parts to your pay. Getting your NHS Mortgage packaged correctly by a specialist mortgage broker is key.

What are the best mortgages for NHS Staff?

Mortgages for NHS staff are complex. You have a few options for mortgages specifically tailored to professionals including NHS staff. Several lenders offer specialist mortgages for professionals that should be perfect for NHS staff. However they may not always be the best option. Just because a mortgage is available for NHS staff doesn’t mean it is the best option for you. Always speak to a qualified specialist mortgage broker before applying for a mortgage.

What Type Of NHS Staff Mortgages Are Available?

There are a lot of NHS Staff mortgages available. You have specific mortgages for professionals that may fit. There is also the First Homes scheme which tailors to NHS Staff mortgages perfectly. Unfortunately it isn’t available yet. However when it is released it will be perfect for Key Workers, especially NHS staff mortgages.

Does An NHS Staff Mortgage Have Any Restrictions or limitations?

As we have mentioned an NHS staff mortgage may have restrictions. Like any mortgage it will have criteria that need to be met. However NHS staff mortgages may have stipulations that need to be met. It is always worth speaking to a specialist NHS mortgage broker to make sure you are applying for the right mortgage.

Is there an alternative to the NHS key worker mortgage scheme?

Unfortunately the NHS Key Worker Mortgage scheme has ended. However in early 2020 the Prime Minister announced that they will release the First Homes Scheme that will provide a discount on new build properties for First Time Buyers and Key Workers. This essentially means there will again be an NHS key worker mortgage scheme. Which is fantastic news. Our Key Workers in the NHS need to have access to special products and schemes for an NHS mortgage.

Are there special discounts on mortgages for NHS workers?

Technically there are not special discounts on mortgages for NHS workers. There are however specific products for NHS staff mortgages that may be a good fit. But they may not be the best option. There are literally dozens of different lenders in the marketplace and just because a lender offers an NHS mortgage doesn’t mean they are the best option for you.

How much can you borrow on NHS mortgages?

Other NHS mortgage advisors may give you a basic calculator that tells you how much you ‘might’ be able to borrow. We don’t do that. It won’t be accurate. What is accurate is a ten minute conversation with one of our advisors. In ten minutes we can tell you how much you can borrow for free. Much more accurate than a random online calculator.

Should I Speak To A Specialist Nhs Mortgage Broker?

Well the answer in short is yes. There are a few reasons to speak to a specialist mortgage broker.


Packaging is what we call putting an application together in a way that makes the lender more likely to say ‘Yes!’ This is really key, and as we do mortgages for NHS day in and day out we’re pretty good at it.


Of course there is the financial cost, when you’re buying a house or even remortgaging it can get expensive. As a thank you for everything NHS do we waive our broker fees for mortgages for NHS.

Of course there is the other cost, time. We save you time and money getting you the right mortgage with the right lender for your situation.

Exclusive Deals

At Albion Forest Mortgages we have access to Exclusive deals that you cannot get direct. This therefore means there are times we absolutely save our clients money as they couldn’t have even got the mortgage we arranged!

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