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Supply Teacher Mortgage

Supply Teacher Mortgage

The definitive guide to getting a Supply Teacher Mortgage.

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Can a Supply Teacher Get A Mortgage?

We are often asked can a supply teacher get a mortgage, simple answer is yes, usually they can. There are two things that come into a Supply Teacher mortgage that will be taken into consideration:

  • How long have you been a Supply Teacher.
  • How long have you been a Teacher.


If you have been a Supply Teacher for over 6 months. Or, less than 6 months but have been a Teacher for more than 2 years you will usually have options.

If you don’t fit either of these still get in touch. We may be able to still get you a mortgage.

Specialist Lenders for Supply Teachers

There are specialist Lenders and products for you as Teachers to allow you to get Supply Teacher Mortgages. Lenders such as Teachers Building Society specialise in Teacher Mortgages, however they may not always be the best solution to your problem. That’s where a specialist mortgage advisor for Teachers comes in.

When you’re looking for a mortgage you may have only been a Supply Teacher a short amount of time. However, lenders may consider you without a proven track record of income as a Supply Teacher if you have experience as a Teacher already. If you don’t have a history of Teaching, and are new to Supply Teaching you may need a couple of terms evidence to get a Mortgage.

Do Supply teachers get help with buying a house UK?

Unfortunately not at the moment really. You have access to the Help To Buy scheme like everyone else if you are a first time buyer.

There is also the First Homes scheme coming at some point which will offer Key Workers and First Time Buyers. When it’s released this scheme will be perfect for Supply Teachers. Offering a 30% discount to Key Workers on the purchase of an eligible New Build. We detail schemes a bit more below.

Supply teaching and getting a mortgage

So you’ve been a Supply Teacher for a while and want a mortgage. You absolutely can. There are different setups for Supply Teachers, but you can have as little as 2 terms worth of employment history and be potentially eligible.

When you’re going for a Supply Teacher Mortgage it’s important to get it right, speaking to a specialist mortgage broker should be the first thing you do.

Do supply teachers get better mortgage rates in the UK?

Potentially is the answer to this one. There are specialist lenders and products for Supply Teachers. This means that you have access to products that may be better than those open to non-Teachers. That said, sometimes the specialist lender or product won’t be the best one for you, so best to speak to a specialist.

Contract & Supply Teacher Mortgage

Generally there should be a few options available to you. There are specialist products and lenders available, but they may not be the best solution.

Speaking to a specialist mortgage broker not only increases your chances of getting the best deal, you also get it packaged correctly so that the lender understands your income, and where it comes from.

Does it matter how long I have been A Supply Teacher?

It might. We generally find there are a few different types of Supply Teacher.

  • Long term – They have been a Supply Teacher a long time and can evidence their income over a year.
  • Short term – They haven’t been a Supply Teacher for years, but have a few terms experience.
  • New Supply Teachers – They have just changed to Supply Teaching after being a Teacher.

Depending on how long you have been a Supply Teacher there will be different solutions. However, even new Supply Teachers can potentially get a mortgage.

Can I get a supply teacher mortgage with bad credit?

Yes! Not only do we specialise in Supply teacher mortgages. We also help lots of people with  Bad Credit mortgages.

There are lenders out there that will potentially accept both. Having bad credit and being a Supply teacher will make your mortgage complicated.

Therefore, it’s best to speak to a specialist. First of all it’s worth checking your credit file, we recommend Checkmyfile for this. Once you’ve found out how bad it is, when it was and what it was for you’ll have a better idea of your options.

If you’re struggling with this speak to your Bank, or a specialist Teacher Mortgage advisor.

What schemes are available for Supply Teachers?

There are a few schemes for Supply Teachers currently. We detail them all in our Teachers Mortgage schemes page. 

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Scheme

The JBSP mortgage scheme allows someone to borrow more based on a family members income. This is usually used by parents to help their children get on the property ladder. It can be particularly valuable for Supply Teachers as your income is less stable, having someone else on the mortgage can be helpful. The person that goes on the mortgage with you is not an owner of the property, and is just going on the mortgage to increase how much you can borrow.

Got a question we haven’t answered? Maybe we do on our main Teacher page or Newly Qualified Teacher page.

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