Mortgages for Dentists

The definitive guide to Mortgages for Dentists.

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Can you get mortgages for dentists?

Absolutely! We specialise in Key Worker mortgages for dentists. Lenders will assess your income to make sure you can afford the mortgage. We’ll go into a bit more detail below but they will take into account your income and commitments.

What mortgages are there for dentists?

There are several options available for dentists. It’s important to make sure you’re applying for the right mortgage for your situation, to avoid declined applications. It is best to speak to a specialist in Key worker mortgages for dentists that can package your application correctly.

What is important when getting mortgages for dentists?

Deposit size

If you increase the amount of deposit you put in, you can usually get a better rate, and potentially borrow more. Basically the more deposit you have the better your chances and the better your rate.


This may sound obvious but how much you earn directly affects how much you can borrow. When you’re self employed your income can usually be assessed in different ways, and some will let you borrow more than others. If you are a limited company director for example you have some lenders that will assess your salary and dividends. However some lenders will use your Salary and Net Profits to work out your affordability.

Credit history

You may have a good credit history, but if you don’t this may affect what options are available to you. The first thing you should do is check your credit file to see what the problem is, we recommend Checkmyfile for this. Depending on what your bad credit is for, how long ago it was and how much it was, you will have different options. We have several articles about bad credit here

Property type

The property is a big part of the application process. It may take you awhile to find the right property, but when you do the lender will want to assess it to make sure it’s acceptable for the mortgage. You can generally get a few different types of valuation of your new property. A standard valuation where they tell you the property value and the rebuild cost. Or a Home Buyers report, this is a bit more in depth and may highlight potential problems with the property.

Employment type

We’ll talk about this a lot, but there are several options for this. This is relatively straight forward for the employed and lenders will generally give you a multiple of your income. If you are a Sole trader they will probably look at your net profits. And a company director would have the option of either salary and dividends or salary and share of net profits, depending on the lender.

Mortgages for self employed dentists

You may be a contractor, a sole trader or even a limited company director. Quite often Dentists have income from multiple streams, perhaps NHS, and private clients.

Lenders will understand your income if your application is packaged correctly. At Albion Forest Mortgages we specialise in Key Worker mortgages for dentists and getting this right for you.

Will I be able to get a mortgage if I’m a self-employed dentist?

Self employed dentists should be able to get a Key Worker mortgage. Depending on how long you’ve been trading and how many years accounts you have.

Most lenders will want to see at least 2 years accounts, and will take an average of the two years. Some will take the latest year and if you are newly self employed some will even take a single years accounts.

Research mortgages for dentists lenders before you apply

It’s important to apply to the right lender. It may affect your chances with another lender if you get an application declined. The best thing to do is speak to your Bank or a specialist Key Worker mortgage broker in this area to get the right lender first time.

How much can I borrow as a dentist?

This will vary depending on the lender. Some lenders go up to as much as 5.5 times your income. That is a guide though. To find out how much you would actually get its best to speak to a specialist mortgage advisor.

It’s not just down to your income, when working out your affordability your outgoings/debts are also taken into account. This means high credit card balances or loans may reduce the amount you can borrow.

Are mortgages for dentists more expensive?

No not really. They tend to be the same products for others, but finding the right one is the main thing. The marketplace has tens of thousands of products available, and finding the right one is key to getting the right Key Worker mortgages for dentists.

Can I get a mortgage with just 1 year’s company accounts?

You most certainly can. Most lenders want to see a few years of accounts, and often they want them to be similar amounts. You can definitely get a mortgage with a single years accounts though, however it can be hard. We specialise in this and have a whole article on it right here. If you only have one years accounts your options are more limited, but it’s still possible.

What if I don’t have enough evidence of my income?

If you don’t have a full years accounts you may have to wait unfortunately. This may not necessarily be true though, depending on what you were doing before you went self employed there may be options available. Best to speak to a specialist advisor to discuss your options.

Mortgages For Dental Students

If you are a Dental student and are looking for mortgages for dentists you will have a few options available to you. If you are nearly graduated and have a job lined up some lenders may allow you to get a mortgage based on that future income. Speak to an advisor today to get more information on your options.

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Mortgages for Dentists