How To Get A Barn Conversion Mortgage

The definitive guide to getting a Barn Conversion Mortgage.

What is a Barn Conversion Mortgage?

Many people dream of converting a barn into their own home, but getting a mortgage for a barn conversion is difficult.

 Lenders have fewer barn conversion options than traditional home loans. Any form of conversion mortgage is considered a form of financing. As a result, the proposals will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

 The good news is that you can customize your application to suit the lender’s specifications. Talking to an advisor can also be an advantage.

Getting a Barn Conversion Mortgage

 Obtaining a barn conversion mortgage is much more than a regular mortgage. This is because you are remodeling the building, not moving directly. This is why lenders need to be sure that your conversion will be profitable.


 When applying for a barn conversion mortgage, the following points must be observed:

  • If you need a building permit
  • Check for agricultural restrictions
  • Pay attention to free rights of way
  • Is the property a specific listed building?
  • Planning and budgeting for unforeseen costs

Will I need a building permit?

 You might be surprised that you don’t always need a full building permit before remodeling a stable. Permitted building rights enable commercial buildings to be converted into apartments without having to apply for a building permit.

 Although full building permits are not always required, you will need to notify your local authority before any renovation work. This is because if your conversion does not meet certain conditions, your municipality can reject your proposal.

 Your attorney will check this during your referral but should resolve any possible issues before you reach this stage.

When do I need full planning permission?

 If you’re remodeling your barn instead of remodeling it, you will likely need full planning permission. You will also need a mortgage for building your own, not a mortgage for a barn conversion. The permitted development rights only apply to conversions and not to completely new constructions. There you can also find out whether you need a building permit.

Can I get a mortgage for a barn having farm restrictions?

 The answer is no. “If your stable has farm restrictions, it will be difficult to find a lender.

 Removal of agricultural restrictions can be time-consuming and does not guarantee success. In addition, the process can be expensive. It is generally recommended to avoid entering restricted-access stalls.

Do I look for a clear right?

 Barn conversion lenders require you have a clear right of way into the proposed building. So make sure your architect includes this in their plans before you formally apply for a mortgage.

 You may need permission to make changes so you have a clear right of way. However, this will greatly increase your chances of getting a mortgage. If you wait for a lender to tell you, you can wait months for your local authority to approve, if they agree.

Can I get a barn conversion mortgage on a specific listed building?

 Obtaining funding to convert a barn into a listed building can be difficult and time-consuming. For example, your barn has a special set of rules that describe what it can and cannot do. Trying to change these rules can be very difficult.

 If you are in this position, you will need to apply to your municipality to obtain the listed building permit. Your request must include architectural drawings of your proposal. This is something that you want to do before applying for a mortgage.

How much does a barn conversion cost?

 In any type of property conversion, a contingency plan is a must. Predicting costs can often be difficult, but budgeting for unforeseen problems is a good idea.

 Barn conversion lenders also check that you have adequate funds to cover additional costs. They will do this by evaluating your work plan and checking that your budget is realistic. If lenders believe you underestimated your costs, you may need to borrow more than you originally requested.

Which mortgage do I need for a stable conversion?

 Mortgages for stable conversion can vary greatly, depending on the type of project you can benefit from the following types of financing:

  • Bridging loan
  • Construction financing
  • Self-construction mortgage
  • Home mortgage home
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Starting Your Mortgage Application

There is a lot to consider as you begin your barn remodeling. With this in mind, it all starts with providing the right financial product. This gives you the confidence and the direction you should take your project in.

 Now that you have an idea of ​​what it means, talk to an advisor who can guide you. Each remodeling requires a completely different plan and therefore lenders evaluate cases individually.

 An advisor can evaluate your criteria and find a mortgage for you. You can then calculate the applicable fees to check whether a barn conversion is feasible.

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